«Bermeo wants to lead the battle for tuna sustainability»

The president of Bermeo Tuna World Capital and the mayor of the coastal village submitted Bermeo Tuna Forum’s goals in Eurofishing

Eurofishing, one of the four World Maritime World conferences hold in Bilbao Exhibition Centre, ended with the submit of Bermeo Tuna Forum by the president of BTWC, Ignacio Serrats, and the mayor of Bermeo, Aritz Abaroa. Both took part in the panel about tuna freezers organized by ANABAC.

Serrats highlighted that: “Bermeo has presented itself as the tuna world capital because it wants to lead the battle for economic, environmental and social sustainability of the cities which depend on this species.” After reminding us the Bermeo fleet makes up 10% of the world catches of tropical tuna, he stated that one of the aims of the BTF, taking place on 2nd and 3rd May in Bilbao and Bermeo, is the signing of the International Declaration Agreement on Tuna Sustainability.

The BTWC chairman pointed out that: “Co-operation is essential; hence we want the large sector players such as: the UN, EU, NGOs who love the sea and scientific bodies to adhere to this document.” He explained the goal is in New York, the UN headquarters to be precise, where the International Declaration hopes to achieve Universal Declaration status.

Bermeo quiere liderar la lucha por la sostenibilidad de las ciudades que dependen del atún
Ignacio Serrats, presidente de BTWC, y Aritz


The second great milestone sought by this event is the signing of the Alliance of World Tuna Cities on 3rd May in Bermeo; whose mayor, Aritz Abaroa, listed some of the benefits this collaboration of local governments hopes to attain, such as: “ensuring resource sustainability via responsible exploitation and management practices based on the best scientific knowledge, likewise fostering the identification of the major challenges for the sector, and the search for global solutions from a local reality.”

Bermeo, Puerto Victoria, San Diego, Manta, Concarneau, Abudjan and Bangkok are the first seven cities which will stamp their commitment to an Alliance aligned with SDG 14 (Life below water). Abaroa, who is confident other partners will adhere to this agreement in the future, stated: “We’re cities where tuna is an essential part of our economy, social processes and future.”