Exhibition Hall

2 may, Palacio Euskalduna Jauregia, Bilbao

A more sustainable sector is a challenge that involves the joint work of all stakeholders in the fishing process. These are the institutions, companies, and organizations that make this edition of Bermeo Tuna Forum possible


We specialise in global technological solutions which help fishing, navigation, safety at sea and satellite communications.


Marine Instruments

Marine Instruments is world leader in technology for the tuna sector. It revolutionized the sector with the introduction of the first satellite buoy and has just launched the first buoy using Artificial Intelligence. It
received the National Innovation Award 2022.



High impact science and technology for a healthy and sustainable society. Specialising in marine environments and food, AZTI provides cutting-edge and value-added products and technologies based on sound science and research.


Bolton Food

We want to become the most sustainable tuna company IN the world. To achieve this, we´re working from a global scientific approach together with expert organisations to guarantee 360º sustainability which looks after the oceans, their resources and the people on our supply chain.



We are an association of 9 business groups dedicated to tuna fishing in the 3 main oceans managed by the 4 tuna RFMOs (Regional Fishery Management Organisations) to ensure all-round sustainability of our fishing.



We are the fifth generation of a family passionate about offering quality traditional canned fish, always looking for solutions which are even more sustainable and environmentally friendly.



At Zunibal we work to preserve the marine environment developing intelligent technological
solutions that optimise tuna fishing. We foster ocean sustainability and guarantee profitability of fishing fleet management benefitting everyone on our value chain.


MARCO Solutions

With over 60 years´ experience, MARCO is world leader in fishing equipment, deck machinery, and hydraulic systems for the fishing and marine industries.


Datafish Technology Solutions

We specialise in fisheries data collection and processing via electronic monitoring and
physical inspection. Based in Bermeo and Vigo, we offer our customers visualization
services to confirm sustainability of tuna and albacore tuna catches (among others).



30 years developing technological solutions to fish more efficiently and sustainably, likewise to gain knowledge of and look after the oceans and the people working on them.



Delivering sustainable tuna from Bermeo to the world, since 1977



ABANCA Mar, a proposal of value unique in the maritime sector combining knowledge and experience. We are specialised agents with a long track record of successful cases plus a catalogue of products designed to meet the needs of professionals throughout the entire chain of the maritime sector.



We are a group of tuna producing companies and belong to Albacora Group. We have an
integrated supply chain and apply the highest sustainability and quality standards to meet the needs of all our groups of interest.



Howden, which operates in more than 50 countries, with head office in London, and part of the Howden Group Holdings international group, is the 4th Insurance Broker in Spain. We are experts in offering our customers the best risk consultancy service, besides being the benchmark broker for the maritime sector and managing the largest
tuna vessel fleet in Spain.


Willis Towers Watson

Leaders in global consulting, broking and solutions.