Bilbao and Bermeo will be the venues of the Bermeo Tuna Forum on 2nd and 3rd May. Both towns offer culture, natural spaces and a varied internationally renowned cuisine.


The modernization of the city and a strong focus on services, following the opening of the Guggenheim Museum; have transformed the capital city of Vizcaya into one of the European cities which holds the largest number of professional events. The City of Bilbao is also proud of its seafaring tradition. City dwellers still remember the Estuary as river corridor, regarding both the transport of all types of goods and the boom in shipyard activity.


Bermeo is synonymous with fishing and canning industry traditions, moreover, both sectors are still very important for the economy of this Vizcayan town. The fearless seafarers of Bermeo have always sailed from this port, one of the most renowned Cantabrian sea ports, to earn a living, for as long as can be remembered. Whaling, an activity appearing on the coat of arms, brought them wealth and reputation centuries ago. The gradual transformation of the trade together with the presence of some of the country´s most important canning companies maintain Bermeo as a benchmark town regarding the past, present and future of this sector.