What is BTF?

Debate and reflection on tuna fishing sustainability congress

International gathering

Bermeo Tuna Forum (BTF), organized by Bermeo Tuna World Capital, is an international forum for debate and reflection on tuna sustainability, i.e. a very ambitious initiative whose aim is to transcend borders and become a benchmark in the industry. The first edition will focus on the importance of and need for establishing alliances to achieve sustainable management of tuna. The event will finish with the presentation of the International Declaration Agreement on Tuna Sustainability.

The Forum will bring together an international group of sustainable tuna ambassadors comprising different international players with capacity to impact and transform, from a social and economic point of view, the entire tuna value chain to protect these very precious resources and their ecosystems. The purpose is to align the fishing industry with 360º sustainability from a comprehensive perspective: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Economic sustainability

Social sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Bermeo Tuna World Capital

The Forum is organized by Bermeo Tuna World Capital, a public-private alliance that globally promotes sustainable management of tuna as a natural resource through scientific knowledge and good practices leadership, seeking to involve all the key players in the tuna value chain in Bermeo, the Basque Country and the world.